Friday, October 10, 2008

The Story of Ah Singh

1) A Singh who is a sailor?
>Karpal Singh

2)A Singh who attends a Chinese wedding party?
>Yam Singh

3)A Singh who is digging a hole?
>Menggali Singh

4)A Singh who likes to slap people?
>Tau Ba Singh

5)A Singh who is a gangster?

6)A Singh who is lost?

7)A Singh who is noisy?

8)A Singh who likes herb?
>Gin Singh

9)A Singh who kills people?

10)A Singh with one ball?
>BalwantSingh (Ball One Singh)

11)A SIngh with two balls?
>BalanSingh (as in balance)

12)A Singh with tree balls?
>AmaSingh!!!!! (amazing)

13)A Singh who is swimming in an iced pool?
>KuldipSingh (Cold Deep Sink)

14)A Singh who likes to drink soyabean milk?

15)A Singh who owns a ship that sank?
>No lah, not Titanic SIngh. He's KaramSingh

16)A Singh who was sacked from the national hockey team?
>Relax Singh

17)A Singh who is a lousySingh?

18)A Singh who likes roundabout?

19)A Singh who is flying around on a broom?
>Sou Pah Singh

20)A Singh who is a tree-star general?
>Sam Lap Singh (cantonese)

21)If the Singh were to succeed in forming their own country what will they call their currency?
>Mata Wang Ah Singh

22)Then, what do you call a Singh who likes to scold people?

created by W.L. CHIANG

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