Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hope can be use by all of you =)

Going east and west,
Looking for something,
Something precious and important to me,
And found it beside me...
You are the one I'm looking for

Miss you is use by friends
Love you is use by couples
Miss and love you is use by family
Love you till i dis is use by me to say to you

You,you are the one,
The one for me,
Always there for me,
To be with you,
For the rest of my life

Forever love : is a lie
Love you eternity : is something that won't happen
Next life still loving you : it is impossible
Love you with my life : is something that i say to you

One: you are the one
Two: always together
Three: big family tree
Four: forever loving you

L: when i start Liking you
O Obviously that's what I'll say to you
V: Very very much to you
E: Every single days of my life

I'm happy because be with you
I'm heartbreak because losing you
I sacrifice myself because i love you
I'm still living because of you
Everything that happen to me
Is because of you in my life

When you happy, I'm happy
When you sad, I'm sad
When you live, I will be by you side
When you die, I will die together with you
All this happen is because, I LOVE YOU

God created air to let us breath
God created water to let us drink
God created you to worship Him
God created me to let me be with you

Flowers are blooming,
Tree are growing,
The seed of love that I planted in my heart,
Is growing wildly because of you

Food is for eating
Water is for drinking
The love in my heart
Is only for you to feel

Sand on the earth,
Water in the sea,
Air in the sky,
My love in your heart

There is sound in the day,
There is sound in the night,
There is sound from my heart,
That keep on shouting 'I LOVE YOU'

I see you eyes that are pretty,
I see you face that are shining,
I see you heart that are precious
And i see you,
The one i love the most

Things will gone
Memories will lost
But my love to you,
Is something that won't be missing

Square has four ends,
Triangle has three ends,
Line has two ends,
But my love to you is a circle,
Which has no ends

Walking this road without you,
To remake forgotten promise,
And meet you at road's end

Fading memories,
Reconstructed memories,
And a dream:-
A dream of you,
In a world without you

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